Health leaders from NHS Kent and Medway, Kent County Council and Medway Council explain why getting vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) is important. 

Kate Langford web.pngKate Langford, Chief Medical Officer at NHS Kent and Medway

"Parents want what is best for their children and vaccines provide the best protection from very serious diseases.

Measles is a terrible illness and, in some cases, children may need to be admitted to hospital for treatment.

"This can be prevented by two doses of the MMR vaccine, which has been proven to be safe and effective.”

anjan-ghosh-blockquote 300.jpgKent County Council Director of Public Health, Dr Anjan Ghosh

“MMR vaccination rates in Kent are above the national average but well below the 95 per cent the World Health Organisation advise is needed to prevent measles outbreaks.

"This is a concern because measles can make people very unwell, one in five children who catch it need hospital care and on rare occasions it can claim lives – yet through two doses of the MMR vaccine measles is preventable.

"MMR is safe and effective, providing life-long protection, it’s free on the NHS and, whatever your age, it’s never too late to catch up."

James Williams PH Director Medway Council.pngMedway Council’s Director of Public Health, James Williams

“Measles is an unpleasant illness which can lead to serious complications. The disease can be prevented as we have a very effective and safe vaccine (MMR).

Making sure you and your loved ones, in particular children and young people, are vaccinated against measles, will keep them safe and protect others who may be at greater risk if they become infected.

Take time today to check whether everyone in your household is up to date with their vaccinations. It is never too late to get vaccinated.”